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12 — Life story showcase

During this final sequence, the focus will be on students sharing their polished print and digital life stories that form Assessment task 2. It would be appropriate to invite guests such as the subjects of the life stories, community members, another class or school staff to provide a wider audience. All students sharing their stories must have already submitted the appropriate Information and consent form.

Photographs can reveal much about the life and times of our subjects.

Sepia-toned photograph of two men and a woman having a cup of tea on the dirt next to a wooden cattle yard, c 1930

Above: Morning tea at Kerin's farm, Bundaleer, 1942. Photo courtesy of Dillon family.


Activity 1: Face-to-face presentations

There are many ways to format such an event, and the following is one suggestion:

Activity 2: Virtual presentations (in addition to, or in place of Activity 1)

There is an option of setting up a Wiki or using a school Moodle to enable presentations to be accessed across time and space. This may facilitate a broader audience, including subjects and parents unable to attend the showcase. VoiceThread is another alternative: a particularly vibrant and flexible option for collaborative learning, and anyone who can use email, text messaging or Skype should have no difficulty using the software.

Submission of Assessment task 2

The contents of the assessment package for Assessment task 2 must include:


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