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Overview — Seven billion people, seven billion stories: What makes a compelling life story?

Close-up photo of a reclining young man looking out at the viewerAbove: Close-up, photo by Mortification7, public domain image, no copyright

This unit gives students experiences of listening to, viewing and reading the life stories of a range of diverse individuals including an Aboriginal artist, a local environmental activist, a rollerblader, a triplet and a street kid.

Students will be supported to achieve Year 9 standards through an approach that combines explicit teaching, scaffolded analysis, an exploration of ethics, and step-by-step support to produce and share a life story in print or digital form. Students will interact with individuals in their lives and with their families.

Opportunities have been created to engage all students, from those not yet at Year 9 standard through to those achieving well beyond the standard. Assessment tasks are designed to enable all students to achieve success in receptive and productive modes. The final sequence provides an authentic opportunity for students to share and enjoy the life stories they have constructed.