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Assessment task 1: Analysis of a life story

In this task, you will demonstrate your capacity to select, understand and provide a commentary on a short life story.

You should select a life story presented in print, video or multimedia format that you believe is successful. The story should be similar in length to those you have studied in class. You can select from within the links provided below, or conduct your own search, as long as you are able to provide a URL for an online story or details and a photocopy of a print story.

You should refer to the Assessment task 1 rubric to ensure that you achieve your best, and before submitting it with your assignment, you should add your comment and self-assessment in the space provided at the bottom of the rubric.

The first task is to provide each of the following details of the life story:

Next you should address each of the six tasks or questions, staying as close to the word limits as possible:

  1. What is the most significant theme or event developed in the life story of this subject? (approximately 30 words)
  2. List four open interview questions you imagine the writer may have asked to elicit the information contained in this life story. (approximately 60 words)
  3. Describe three literary, language or grammatical devices (such as similes, rhetorical questions, specialist vocabulary, repetition, short sentences, devices and language to create mood) that have been used by the writer to engage the audience and intensify the audience response. Include your assessment of how successful each of these was in achieving impact. (approximately 33 words per device, total approximately 100 words)
  4. Discuss the strengths and limitations of the medium used to tell this story. (approximately 75 words)
  5. Without knowing the full background to the story, what kinds of ethical issues had to be considered in the production of this story? How ethical does the treatment of the subject (person who is the focus of the story) seem to you? (approximately 100 words)
  6. Rate the story from 1 up to 5 stars, providing two justifications for your rating. (approximately 40 words)

The total response should be somewhere between 400 and 500 words.