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Resources in sequences for this unit of work



Other references


Political cartoon, Marcelo Rampazzo

See Think Wonder

Online Etymology Dictionary

Chris Jordan Photographic Artworks 

Living Smart Website

Glossary of terms

3-2-1 chart

Track my thinking worksheet 

Jordan, Chris (2009) Running the Numbers: An American self-portrait, Prestel Publishing, New York.

Picture Book: Kooser, T and Root, B (2010) Bag in the Wind, Candlewick Press, Somerville, Massachussetts.


Opinionnaire worksheet

Annotated bibliography worksheet

Sum it up chart

Waste Not (2012) Total Environment Centre, Sydney. This documentary can be purchased from the Total Environment Centre.


Waste Not trailer (YouTube)



Mulligan, A (2011) Trash, David Fickling Books, Random House, London.

Trash: official book trailer 

Behind Trash, author interview

Slumdog Millionaire clip (YouTube)

Reading a book cover worksheet

Slumdog Millionaire (2009) 20th Century Fox.

Wilhelm, J and Smith, M (2011) Fresh Takes on Teaching the Literary Elements: How to teach what really matters about character, setting, point of view and theme, Scholastic, New York.


Waste Land DVD (2011) Arthouse Films.

Waste Land — Wikipedia entry (synopsis)

Preview/trailer, Review 1 (Guardian), Review 2 (Roger Ebert), Review 3 (spirituality and practice website)


Deconstructed review (AITSL Planning Sequence: What makes a good review?)


‘The ant and the grasshopper’ fable

EarthShell Products website

The Story of Stuff website 

Derewianka, B (2011) A New Grammar Companion for Teachers, PETAA, Sydney. 



Freegan Info website

 Plastic-Free Life blog

 Beth Terry TED interview (YouTube)

Deckert, T and Bancks, T (2009) It’s Yr Life, Random House, Sydney.

Dumpster Divers Declare War’, Today Tonight (8 October 2012)

Taste the Waste Trailer (YouTube)

Pacific Garbage Dump (How Stuff Works web resource)

Ocean Currents (mindfully.org web resource) 

Burns, L G (2007) Tracking Trash: Flotsom, jetsam, and the science of ocean motion, Houghton Mifflin Co, New York.


‘Why I lived with my garbage for a year’ article 

Making a bottle brick animation

Earth Bench Project TED talk (YouTube)

Opinionnaire worksheet

Annotated bibliography worksheet

Earth Bench website 

Think-alouds online resource

Wilhelm, J (2001) Improving Comprehension with Think-Aloud Strategies, Scholastic, New York.


Jigsaw Reading Strategy (Read Write Think website)

Article: Toxic Australian e-waste dumped on China

60 Minutes story

E-waste fact sheet

Who gets the trash? map

Electronic devices survey 

Jigsaw placemat

Assessment Task 1

Track my thinking worksheet

Daniels, H and Steineke, N (2011) Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Reading, Heinemann, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Wilhelm, J (2004) Reading is Seeing, Scholastic, New York.

Smith, M and Wilhelm, J (2010) Fresh Takes on Teaching Literary Elements, Scholastic, New York.


Track my thinking worksheet

Assessment Task 2

Project planning guide

KWHL chart 



Assessment Task 2

Feature article assessment guide and rubric

‘Why I lived with my garbage for a year’ article

Hawken, P (2009) ‘The idyllic and the unforgivable’ in Jordan, C, Running the Numbers: An American self-portrait, Prestel Publishing, New York, pages 31–33.

Lane, B (1999) Reviser’s Toolbox, Discover Writing Press, Shoreham, Vermont.


Annotated bibliography worksheet

Feature article assessment guide and rubric

Menzel, P and Aluisio, D (2007) Hungry Planet: What the world eats, Material World Books, Napa, California.


Feature article – writing appraisal form 

Evaluation survey

The Cabinet of Lost and Found poetry writing guide, produced by Tony Britten for The Red Room Company, Sydney.

Additional teacher resources