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Assesment task 2: Publishing a feature article

Students will create a written feature article. The feature article will demonstrate in-depth conceptual understanding of a sustainability issue and will be connected to the inquiry topic: How are our lifestyles shaping and changing the planet? The article will also demonstrate procedural knowledge and understanding of feature article writing. 

Students can be given the Feature article assessment guide and rubric to assist them in writing their article and assessing their completed article.

Sequences 9, 10 and 11 in this unit contain activities and learning experiences to assist students in choosing a topic, workshopping their writing and publishing their articles.

The Feature article – writing appraisal form will be used for students to gain feedback on their writing before they complete their final edit and present their pieces for final assessment (see Sequence 12).

The feature articles will be assessed according to the following content of the Grade 8 Achievement Standard.

Productive modes (speaking, writing and creating)

Students understand how the selection of language features can be used for particular purposes and effects. They explain the effectiveness of language choices they use to influence the audience. Through combining ideas, images and language features from other texts, students show how ideas can be expressed in new ways.

Students create texts for different purposes, selecting language to influence audience response. When creating and editing texts to create specific effects, they take into account intended purposes and the needs and interests of audiences. They demonstrate understanding of grammar, select vocabulary for effect and use accurate spelling and punctuation.