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Assesment task 1: Critical reading assignment

Students will participate in a critical reading assignment. They will partake in a jigsaw reading activity that will see each member work in an expert reading group before sharing their new-found understanding with their home inquiry groups.

This task is fully detailed in Sequence 8 of this unit and is connected directly to the Grade 8 Achievement Standard in the ways highlighted below.

Receptive modes (listening, reading and viewing)

Students understand how the selection of text structures is influenced by the selection of language mode and how this varies for different purposes and audiences. Students explain how language features, images and vocabulary are used to represent different ideas and issues in texts.

Students interpret texts, questioning the reliability of sources of ideas and information. They select evidence from the text to show how events, situations and people can be represented from different viewpoints. They listen for and identify different emphases in texts, using that understanding to elaborate on discussions.

Note: This critical reading assignment can be applied to the students’ critical reading of any text used in this unit or any relevant text selected by you. If students are unfamiliar with the jigsaw reading strategy and picture mapping, a suggestion would be to first practise this routine by using a short sample text or perhaps limit this sequence to using just one of the strategies rather than both strategies.

Based on students’ completion of the critical reading worksheet, their participation in group work and the creation of their picture maps, their understanding can be checked using the Sample assessment 1 checklist.