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Consumer culture: Are we being bought?

Resources in sequences for this unit of work



Other references





Logos and brands visual challenge worksheet

Secrets of the Superbrands: Episode 3 – Food (2011) BBC, 50 mins. This can be viewed on the Watch Documentary.TV site (scroll down to Episode 3).

Logos Quiz Game app, Atico Mobile 

The Logo Board Game, Moose Enterprise Pty Ltd, Melbourne

Web 2.0 tools to help with mind map creation at Cool Tools for Schools


Advertising techniques digital glossary

Nike ad (YouTube, 1:03 min)

Amazon Kindle vs iPad ad (YouTube, 0:31 min)

Colgate toothpaste ad (YouTube, 1:02 min)

48-hour Rapid Detox ad (YouTube, 1:00 min)

A variety of advertisements can be selected for this sequence.



Sham Wow infomercial (YouTube, 1:01 min)

Rapid Detox commercial (YouTube, 1:00 min)

Covergirl cosmetic commercial (YouTube, 0:46 min)

Skin Cancer Foundation public service advertisement (image)

Three-level questioning guide 

Derewianka, B (2005) A Grammar Companion, PETAA, Sydney

Morgan Spurlock (2011) POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

ABC TV The Gruen Transfer

Wilhelm, J, Wilhelm PJ and Boas, E (2009) Inquiring Minds Learn to Read and Write, Scholastic, New York

Humphrey, S, Love, K and Droga, L (2011) Working Grammar, Pearson, Melbourne 


Fad products chart worksheet

Digital advertising glossary worksheet

Assessment rubric

PQP feedback form

PQP routine: Neubert, Gloria A and McNelis, Sally J (1986) ‘Improving Writing in the Disciplines’, Educational Leadership, 43.7, pages 54–58


Secrets of the Superbrands: Episode 2 – Fashion (2001) BBC

Kellogg’s Cornflakes advertisement (c1943, 1:49 mins)

Blog entry ‘Interview with Smiggle

Digital advertising glossary worksheet

Nike ad 

Hello Kitty (on the Kawaii Depot website)

Smiggle website and online store

Official Smiggle blog 

Happy Lab entry on Belly Rumbles blog


Secrets of the Superbrands: Episode 1 – Technology (BBC, 2011)

Online marketing survey worksheet

Digital advertising glossary worksheet

Samsung YouTube channel 

Gangnam style (YouTube, 5:03 mins)

Volkswagen advertisement (YouTube, 1:02 mins)

Video advertisement montage for the Best job in the world ad (YouTube, 3:02 mins)



Carmichael, Claire (2006) Ads R Us, Random House, Sydney

PMI chart worksheet

Minority Report clip (YouTube, 1:02 mins)

Target offers 3D body scanner to measure customers article


Purchases worksheet

Ranking scenarios worksheet 

Gleitzman, Morris (2011) Too Small to Fail, Penguin, Melbourne

Carmichael, Claire (2006) Ads R Us, Random House, Sydney

Paulsen, Gary (1987) Hatchet, Aladdin Paperbacks, New York

World Vision (2007) Teenage Affluenza is Spreading Fast (YouTube, 5:21 mins)

Danny Boyle (2004) Millions, Fox Searchlight (98 mins, PG)

Millions movie trailer (IMDb, 2:28 mins) 

World Vision What’s Behind the Label? (YouTube, 1:56 mins)


Avant Card website

Project Planner and Reflection Guide

See Me website

Ethical Consumer Guide website

Choice Australia website

MediaSmarts website

The Story of Stuff Project website


Kristo, J and Bamford, R (2000) Nonfiction in Focus, Scholastic, New York



Derewianka, B (2005) A Grammar Companion,  PETAA, Sydney 

Unit evaluation worksheet 

Cameron, S (2009) The Publishing and Display Handbook, Pearson, Auckland 

Derewianka, B (2012) A New Grammar Companion for Teachers,  PETAA, Sydney