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Overview — Consumer culture: Are we being bought?

In this inquiry-based unit, students will focus on using critical literacy skills to explore consumer culture and the world of advertising. The unit will develop the students’ understanding of the specific persuasive devices commonly used in print, television and online advertising. The students will use critical literacy strategies to inquire into both the obvious and the ambiguous messages behind advertising. They will undertake critical and creative work, including speaking and listening activities such as ‘where do I stand’ activities, small group discussions and short debates.

Students will complete an advertisement analysis and will closely examine text extracts. They will participate in viewing experiences, including content from the mini-series Secrets of the Superbrands.

A baby chewing on a credit card.

Above: Food for the wallet, photo by Dinkel CC-BY-2.0

Student thinking will be captured in graphic organisers as they build their understanding of consumer culture. They will design their own fad campaigns, research the advertising world, and will finally develop their own set of criteria to inform others of what it means to be consumer savvy in the 21st century.