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Quote from The Assassins of Rome

Read the quote below, taken from page 57 of The Assassins of Rome.

Print the page and underline all the noun groups in red. Then use the Noun group table to analyse the composition of the noun groups.

Before them, a large marble fountain sputtered in the middle of a crowded square. Two main roads led from the other side of the square into Rome, no gleaming city of marble and gold, but a mass of red-roofed apartment blocks in peeling shades of putty, apricot, carrot and mustard. Although the tall buildings threw long violet shadows across the square, the heat still muffled Rome like a woollen blanket. The stench of donkey dung, human sewage and sweat was almost overpowering.

Extract above from The Assassins of Rome by Caroline Lawrence, Orion Children’s Books, London, 2002 reproduced with permission of Orion Children’s Books © Caroline Lawrence 2002.