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The Roman News: Women’s Pages – text only version

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<Advertisement 1> SUPERB STATUES Capture the moment! Come to us for beautiful and lifelike marble statues of your children. The Stone Cutters, Sacred Way, Rome


<Advertisement 2> LADY’S SLAVE WANTED Rich lady requires maid to dress her hair every morning. Must be familiar with all the latest styles. Box No. 3720


<Advertisement 3> WEDDING RINGS In gold, silver, or iron—showing joined hands, or the decoration of your choice. The Jeweler’s, Trajan’s Forum, Rome


<Advertisement 4> MIDWIFE OFFERS SERVICES Trained as a healer. More than 20 years’ experience in delivering babies. Box No. 3927


<Advertisement 5> FOR SALE Be carried through the streets in the privacy of your own litter. Made of the finest cedar wood and decorated with beautiful fabrics. The Litter Makers, beside the Colosseum, ROME


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<Image of a night time scene of a bride being carried by the groom outside the door of a house, with the wedding party holding torches and one woman throwing confetti from a bowl> ON THE THRESHOLD: It’s good luck for your new husband to carry you into his house



Illustrated by ALAN FRASER


THE ROMAN NEW’s problem page has helped thousands of women over the years. Here are the answers to a few of your typical questions on marriage.


? I’m 18 years old and still not married. Is it too late?


It’s true, many girls are married by the time they are 12 years old, but not all of us are that lucky! There’s still a chance for you to get a husband—if your father can arrange something soon.


? I’d like a traditional wedding, but I’m not sure what to do.


Although just moving in to live with a man counts as getting married—and that’s all a lot of women do—a wedding ceremony will show the world that your family is wealthy.


Remember to wear a traditional white tunic, with a flame-colored veil for your hair.


The day will begin in your father’s house with the marriage ceremonies and a sacrifice to the gods—a pig should be enough. Then there will be a grand feast, paid for by your husband.


Afterward, you’ll set off for your husband’s house. It’s unlucky to trip as you enter our new home, so make sure your husband carries you over the threshold. ?


What will happen if I leave my husband?


The good news is that lots of women divorce their husband, and you won’t even need to say why you’re doing it. You’ll also get back all the money your father gave to your husband when you married.


But there is bad news, too—you will have to leave your children with your husband.


Extracts from The Roman News by Andrew Langley and Philip de Souza, Candlewick Press, reproduced with permission of Walker Books, text © Andrew Langley 1996.