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The Roman News: City Life – text only version


Illustrated by CHRIS FORSEY


WHEREVER YOU LIVE in the Empire, Rome is the center of your world. Never been there? Shame on you! Everyone should visit Rome at least once. So for all you first-time tourists, The Roman News presents an exclusive guide to our capital city.


THERE’S NO better pace to start your tour than in the heart of the city, the Roman Forum.


In many ways it’s just like a forum in any other important town—an open square surrounded by government buildings, law courts, temples, and the ffices of bankers and merchants.


There aren’t any of the usual stores and market stands in the Roman Forum, though. You’ll find these in the nearby Trajan’s Forum.


But what you will find are magnificent victory arches and statues erected in honor of our greatest emperors, along with some of Rome’s most beautiful stone buildings.


Keep an eye out for the Senate House—if you are lucky, you’ll see our nation’s leaders hurrying to a meeting there.


There are more sights to see just short walk away from the Forum. Go east and you’ll find the Colosseum, home to thrilling gladiator games. While to the south there is the famous racecourse, the Circus Maximus.




The farther you wander from the Forum, the more you’ll experience the real flavor of city life.


A word of warning though—the streets of Rome are colorful, but they can be dangerous! Apartment buildings can rise as high as five or six stories above narrow, dirty streets and alleys.


And the people living there just throw garbage out of their windows—and the contents of their chamber pots. So watch where you put your feet, and stay alert for what’s above you!


Make sure you take good care of your money, too. Sometimes, it seems as if every one of Rome’s one million inhabitants is on the streets. The crowds are so thick that robbing people is child’s play.


But at least there’s less traffic on the roads ... Continued on Country Life page.


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Extracts from The Roman News by Andrew Langley and Philip de Souza, Candlewick Press, reproduced with permission of Walker Books, text © Andrew Langley 1996.