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Assessment task 2: Achievement standards and success criteria

Applicable achievement standards: English

Receptive modes (listening, reading and viewing)

Productive modes (speaking, writing and creating)

Applicable achievement standards: History

Success criteria

Based on the applicable achievement standards, a successful example of the factual text will:

Subject area Indicator
English demonstrate a clear text structure that is linked to audience, and purpose
English demonstrate a choice of language features, images and vocabulary that suit the text’s audience and purpose
English demonstrate a selection of images that contribute to the text’s meaning
English demonstrate language features and images from other texts that you have combined and adapted for your own text
English be logically organised
English use a variety of specialised vocabulary associated with ancient Rome
English incorporate a range of grammatical features studied in the unit
English be accurately spelled 
English be accurately punctuated
History include a description of one ancient Roman event or development from the perspective of someone who might have lived at the time (this can be in either the factual or the fictional text)
History explain the role of groups and the significance of particular individuals in society
History acknowledge how past events and developments have been interpreted in different ways (this will be covered in your ‘Author’s note’)
History use a range of sources to locate, compare and use information to produce the texts
History use historical terms and concepts appropriately
History incorporate and acknowledge relevant sources