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Assessment task 2 (summative):
Developing a factual and a fictional text about ancient Rome

This assessment task gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and understandings about the world of ancient Rome (also studied as part of their History lessons) and the role, responsibilities and craft of the author who imagines and represents this world.

Students are asked to produce two texts, one factual and one fictional, based on one or two aspects of daily life in ancient Rome. At least one text should have a visual element that contributes to a multimodal reading of the text. Students may choose any text type or format, including those studied in the unit. The texts can be produced by hand or using a range of suitable computer software or Web 2.0 tools. The intended audience for these texts is aged 11–13.

This is a broad and open-ended assessment that has scope for both support and extension. Students requiring support can rely heavily on the texts studied as inspiration for format and language choice, and concentrate on replicating features of the more conventional formats. Students requiring extension can use their creativity to develop new and innovative formats to present information about ancient Rome. Students should be referred to Assessment task 2: Instructions and the Assessment task 2: Achievement standards and success criteria for the task.

When marking the assessment task, use the Assessment task 2: Marking rubric for factual text and the Assessment task 2: Marking rubric for fictional text.