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Warning: This resource may contain references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may have passed away.

Talk about rights

Resources in sequences for this unit of work

  Resources Other references


Co-operative quiz cards

Teacher notes for co-operative quiz cards

Assessment task 1

Assessment task 2

Philosophy for Children strategy


Co-operative quiz cards

Newspaper clipping: ‘Homes Are Sought For These Children’

Google search screen printout



Great speeches worksheet

Gurindji Strike – The Wave Hill Walkout’ video clip from ‘This Day Tonight’ 1968, Australian Screen (2:51 mins)

Gough Whitlam and Vincent Lingiari photograph

Audio recording of Gough Whitlam and Vincent Lingiari speeches 16th August 1975, ABC (5:07 mins)

Gough Whitlam’s speech transcript

Text structure, purpose/function and language worksheet

Article on the Gurindji petition on the Indigenous Rights section of the National Museum of Australia’s website

Article on the Gurindji strike and the Wave Hill walk off on the ABC archives site


Petition (.pdf 25 kB) to Lord Casey from the Gurindji People

Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle worksheet

Notes on Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle

Lord Casey’s response to the Gurindji petition (.pdf 884 kB)

House of Representatives petitions brochure



Overview of the ballads form

Waltzing Matilda

Kelly, Paul and Carmody, Kev, illustrated by kids from Gurindji Country, with paintings by Peter Hudson (c2008) From Little Things Big Things Grow, One Day Hill, Melbourne (picture book)

From Little Things Big Things Grow’ video, YouTube (6:46 mins)

Gough Whitlam and Vincent Lingiari photo

Iceberg diagram worksheet

Iceberg diagram example



Kerry Fletcher’s ‘Sorry Song’, audio (there are several versions of the song on this website)

Sorry Song’ lyrics

Apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples video, on the Australian Government website (thsi page also has the transcript and audio files)

National Apology to The Stolen Generations transcript

Text structure, purpose/function and language worksheet

Assessment task 1

Iceberg diagram worksheet

List of great speeches worksheet 



Fact sheet: Apology to the Stolen Generation

Testimonies of members of The Stolen Generations (video clips and transcripts)

Roach, Archie and Hunter, Ruby (illustrator) with paintings by Peter Hudson (2010) Took the Children Away, One Day Hill, Melbourne (picture book)

Bringing Them Home: The stolen children report, on the Australian Human Rights Commission website



Pilkington, Doris (Nugi Garimara) (1996) Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, University of Queensland Press, Brisbane (novel)

Rabbit Proof Fence film trailer on YouTube (2 mins 51)

Atlases and map of Australia

Map of Western Australia student copies

Map of Western Australia showing the rabbit-proof fence

Rabbit-Proof Fence worksheet 

Rabbit-Proof Fence extract from Western Perspectives on a Nation


Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Map of Western Australia

Information about the Noongar People from Noongar Culture website

Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence worksheet

Resources for schools in Noongar country

Noongar information web page

(For schools in the Noongar local area students are encouraged to use local knowledge Resources for schools in Noongar country)


Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Indigenous language map

Rabbit-Proof Fence Clip 1, Australian Screen (2:48 mins)

Map of Western Australia

Rabbit-Proof Fence Clip 2, Australian Screen (1:48 mins)

Assessment task 2, Instructions to students 

Education pack on The Stolen Generations (.pdf 599 kB)


Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Character profile and diary worksheet 



Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Humphrey, S Droga, L and Feez, S (2012) Grammar and Meaning, PETAA, Sydney

Derewianka, B (2012) A New Grammar Companion for Teachers, PETAA, Sydney