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Warning: This resource may contain references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may have passed away.

Darwin newspaper clipping: ‘Homes Are Sought For These Children’

A group of six small children wearing plain white frocks and holding soft toys, the child in the centre has been marked with a havdwritten cross

Above: Newspaper clipping from an inner Darwin newspaper c. 1930s. Source: National Archives of Australia, A1, 1934/ 6800.

Original clipping caption reads: A GROUP OF TINY HALF-CASTE AND QUADROON CHILDREN at the Darwin half-caste home. The Minister for the Interior (Mr Perkins) recently appealed to charitable organisations in Melbourne and Sydney to find homes for the children and rescue them from becoming outcasts.

Handwritten note on the clipping reads: I like the little girl in the centre of group, but if taken by anyone else, any of the others will do, as long as they are strong.