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Copyright and acknowledgments

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Acknowledgments – Year 6 unit

Although this publication is copyright ESA, it contains material from other sources which is not owned by ESA. On the unit home page, Overview page and in Teacher notes in Sequence 1 the photo ‘Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pours soil into the hands of traditional landowner Vincent Lingiari, Northern Territory, 1975’ © Commonwealth of Australia. Purchased 1994, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, photograph by Mervyn Bishop. Also in Sequence 1, Teacher notes: The photo ‘Aboriginal flag and Australian flag waved during the Stolen Generation Apology’, is by Tim Barker, courtessy Getty images; the Torres Strait Island Flag designed by Mr. Bernard Namok is reproduced with permission of the Torres Strait Island Regional Council; the photo, also used in Sequence 12, of a demonstration with ‘We want land not handouts’ placard at Land rights demonstration, Parliament House, Canberra, 30 July 1972. Source: National Library of Australia, nla.pic-vn3256026, photograph by Ken Middleton. In Sequence 2 the clipping from an inner Darwin newspaper c. 1930s. Source: National Archives of Australia, A1, 1934/ 6800. In Sequences 3 and 5 the video still image of Paul Kelly (left) Kev Carmody (right) in From Little Things Big Things Grow produced by Ned Lander and Rachel Perkins, directed by Trevor Graham. Reproduced with permission of Ned Lander Media, © Ned Lander Media P/L, photograph by Trevor Graham. In Sequence 6 the photo ‘The Hon. Jenny Macklin, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma, in the Member’s Gallery following the Parliamentary Apology’, by HEROC CC-BY-2.0. In Sequence 8 the photo ‘Rabbit-proof fence’, 1926–1927’, was originally sourced from the Library and Information Service of Western Australia, public domain image, no copyright. In Sequence 9 the image Ships, with black swans, at the entrance to the Swan River, Western Australia, is coloured engraving, derived from an earlier drawing (now lost) from the de Vlamingh expeditions of 1696–97, public domain, no copyright. In Sequence 10 the photo Moore River Native Settlement Hospital, c.1920 (author unknown) is a public domain image, no copyright. Source for content descriptions in curriculum summary tables for units of work: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).