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12 — Assessment task 2: Writing a persuasive text

Blank notebook page on green background with heading Save Macquarie Island

Above: Illustration by Jan Gillbank

In Sequences 8, 9 and 10 the students were involved in the deconstruction of texts and the joint construction and interactive writing of persuasive texts. They have identified the language features and literary devices of a persuasive text and looked closely at the organisational framework. In Sequence 11 the students were asked to choose a local environment or built structure and to research relevant information needed to write a persuasive text, convincing readers to save this environment or structure.


Activity 1: Completing the assessment task

The students will be given time to complete Assessment task 2. Use the Assessment task 2 rubric to assess the first draft of writing and the published piece. The rubric highlights the importance of different focuses throughout the writing process. The text may be included in a portfolio, along with the graphic organiser used for planning and their first draft. This shows the progression of the writing process through different stages. ACELY1704ACELY1705

Activity 2: Sharing the students’ writing with others

To ensure that this writing has a purpose, once the texts have been published, they can: