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Modality examples

Degree of certainty Examples


  • Macquarie Island must be saved. (auxiliary)
  • Common sense dictates that we save the island. (verb)
  • The island should definitely be saved. (adverb)
  • It is imperative that the island be saved. (adjective)
  • It is a requirement of a civilised society that they protect the vulnerable. (noun)


  • Macquarie Island needs to be saved. (auxiliary)
  • Research indicates that the island is in danger. (verb)
  • Apparently the island should be protected. (adverb)
  • It is important to protect the island. (adjective)
  • Australians have an obligation to protect the island. (noun)


  • It may be the case that the island could be protected. (auxiliaries)
  • Perhaps we should protect the island. (adverb)
  • It is possible that we could protect the island. (adjective)
  • The protection of the island is worth consideration. (noun)