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Overview — Save one island, save them all

This unit of work focuses on the hybrid text One Small Island by Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch, to explore the impact of human factors on the environment of Macquarie Island.

A dark-coloured sandy beach in a curved bay with hills and a bluff covered in vegetation, with penguins and a lone human by the water’s edge

Above: View over Macquarie Island beach, photo by M Murphy, public domain image, no copyright

Through an analysis of both literary and informational excerpts within this book, students will have the opportunity to craft texts that use persuasive writing techniques to address different social purposes for writing. Engaging with supplementary texts Cat on the Island (Gary Crew and Gillian Warden) and Tanglewood (Margaret Wild and Vivienne Goodman), students will identify the different organisational frameworks and language features appropriate to persuasive writing and identify when best to use literary devices for effect.

Students will take action by identifying a local environment that has experienced significant negative changes due to human actions, and presenting a case for saving or protecting it.