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Assessment task 1: Written journal (formative and summative)

Drawing of pencil tip and notebook fragment on a green background

Above: Illustration by Jan Gillbank

This assessment task is both formative (content of the journal) and summative (features of journal writing). It allows you to capture and monitor the information about Macquarie Island that the students are learning, such as weather conditions, wildlife and human interactions. The assessment task is also summative because it allows you to assess what the students have learnt about journal writing and the features of these texts. The assessment task will inform and guide further instruction.

Teacher background

In Sequences 1, 2 and 3 the students analysed journals as a whole class and in small groups. They identified the language features and organisational framework of this type of text and compared many journal entries using these features as a checklist. They have placed the journals on a timeline and have discussed the language features that change over time. They read Tanglewood by Margaret Wild and Vivienne Goodman, and discussed the descriptive language in the text.

Assessment instructions

The students are to choose a time period from the timeline and write a journal entry from Macquarie Island that is reflective of the language and environment at that time. They should also consider the descriptive language they use in their journal entry.