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Text version Grim Crims worked example

Identifying pronouns used to make text cohesive

Grim Crims and Convicts by Jackie French, Chapter 7 page 63

On April 15 1789 a party of men who were cutting grass trees found a sick Eora man and boy, and another boy dead. They took the sick people back to hospital, where the surgeon decided they had smallpox — a deadly disease that left is sufferers with sores all over their body.

Labels: In the text excerpt above the phrase ‘a party of men’ is underlined and with a red line and arrow drawn from it to the pronoun ‘They’ that begins the second sentence and is circled red. Blue arrows are drawn from the underlined words ‘sick Eora man and boy’ to words circled in blue, ‘sick people’, ‘they’ and ‘their’.