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Farm Lad transcript

(Farm Lad is a clip from Episode 22 of the My Place TV series)

Solider: Mr Owen, I present to you your new boy.

Mr Owen: You’re late.

Solider: We met with a distraction on the journey.

Mr Owen: Yes I can smell that much on your breath.

Mr Owen (to Sam): Over there lad.

Mr Owen (to Solider): Be gone, or I shall crack your skulls like rocks.

Mr Owen (to Sam): So, this is Sam Stone. You’re a little smaller than I imagined.

Sam: And you’re much larger.

Mr Owen: Quiet! What were you sentenced for?

Sam: Umm ...

Mr Owen: Out with it.

Sam: A misunderstanding.

Mr Owen: What did you steal?

Sam: A coat. Although, some might call it an extended borrow.

Mr Owen: Some being you. You’re a farm lad they told me.

Sam: Through and through, sir.

Mr Owen: Good. Right. Come. I am going to Sydney town and while I am gone I want you to plough the ground and prepare it for planting. Ten rows. Ten foot between the rows.

Sam: Yes sir.

Mr Owen: You’ll find a mattock in the shed. Bring it to me I want to show you something.

Sam: Mattock, mattock.

Mr Owen: It’s the long one.

Sam: We didn’t call these mattocks on our farm.

Mr Owen: What did you call them?

Sam: Long handled, hook nosed row diggers.

Mr Owen: Your hat. Your bed.

Sam: Thank you.

Mr Owen: Devil knows how it happened, but I will need you to fix this injury. There is some new bark in the shed. Take a ladder and come at the issue from the outside. Do not enter my house.

Sam: Yes sir. No sir.

Mr Owen: Do not enter my house. I have means of establishing trespass. Canny, invisible means. I will know and I will dig your tripes out for it. This animal is a fine milker and will need doing morning and night or you know what will happen. You have milked a goat before?

Sam: Many times.

Mr Owen: For that milk and some flour will be the only food you will have. This goat is worth more to me than ten of you, boy. Keep her well watered and keep a close watch on her. The blacks will snatch her at first chance.