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Some questions to explore and points for discussion

Farm Lad A Female Gaol

How are each of the characters (Mr Owen, Sam and the soldiers) portrayed at the start of the clip?

What visual design elements has the filmmaker used to create this meaning? (For example, clothing props on guards – they are dishevelled.)

How are music and sound effects used? Do they add meaning to the clip?

What is the relationship between Mr Owen and Sam? What gestures help identify the nature of their relationship?

How has the filmmaker used settings and props?

How does the filmmaker create the tension at the beginning of the clip? (For example, props, sound effects, music, gestures and facial expressions.)

Sarah and Alice are from two different social classes; how does the filmmaker emphasise this? (For example, clothing, props and gestures.)

Sam is being kind to Sarah, but not through his words. How has the filmmaker portrayed this?

What was the contrast between the two babies? (One was being carried and was quiet, the other was crying and was handed off to the servant.)

Why did the filmmaker use these moments to develop the character of Alice’s mother?