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1788: Was life the same for everyone?

This unit closely examines a range of texts, to help the students develop an understanding of how texts, including multimodal texts, are created using linguistic, visual, audio, gestural and spatial design systems to create meaning.

Illustration of people from colonial times: the Governor, an Aboriginal man, a European child, a female and male, an Aboriginal woman in European dress and a soldier

Image from back cover of Fair Dinkum Histories: Grim Crims and Convicts by Jackie French and Peter Sheehan, Scholastic Press, reproduced with permission

The unit complements a historical inquiry around the experiences of the early settlers and contact with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples. The students will explore both contemporary and historical texts in a range of collaborative activities designed to engage them in critical analysis and reflection. They will have opportunities to use information and communication technologies to demonstrate their understanding as they create their own informative and narrative multimodal texts.