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Duration and pathways: Using this unit in the classroom

The unit is divided into 12 sequences that can either be undertaken consecutively or on a discrete basis. Each sequence involves activities that could take approximately one hour, and if two sequences were delivered each week, the unit could take up a six-week/term block. However, individual classrooms and your knowledge of your students will determine the duration.

The unit provides opportunities for students to closely examine a range of multimodal texts and develop an understanding how authors use a range of design systems (linguistic, visual, audio, gestural and spatial) to create meaning for their audience. To make the unit a richer experience, a class novel is suggested, but this is read outside of the unit time. If you choose not to use the novel, then Sequence 5 will not be applicable.

Some additional activities are offered if you wish to probe the topic further, and some extension activities for students are suggested. The unit would complement a historical inquiry and Sequence 1 has been designed to set up this context in the classroom.

Although the sequences can generally stand alone, they have been arranged to build on each other as the students examine multimodal texts.

Sequence 1: the context of undertaking a historical inquiry is established
Sequence 2: an informative text with still images is examined
Sequence 3: another informative text that includes primary sources is examined and compared to other texts
Sequence 4: an informative text, by the author of the class novel, is examined and compared to other texts
Sequence 5: a literary text (class novel) is analysed
Sequence 6: the linguistic features of the literary text (class novel) are explored
Sequence 7: an informative text with still images is created by the students (assessment item)
Sequence 8: historical primary sources are examined
Sequence 9: films, both contemporary (historical narrative) and from the previous century (informative), are examined
Sequence 10: an informative text on a website is examined
Sequence 11: a historical narrative in a film (moving and still images) is examined
Sequence 12: a historical narrative is created by the students (assessment item)

The unit uses a range of texts readily available to Australian schools and also a range of resources managed by Education Services Australia that are free to access online. You could substitute your own choice of text for any of the sequences.

The assessment items in Sequences 7 and 12 are designed to be flexible for diverse learners and the school’s technology capabilities.