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1788: Was life the same for everyone?

Assessment task 1: Creating an informative text

The students will work in groups of four to create an informative text about what life was like in the early years of the colony for the five groups they have been looking at: Indigenous Australians, marines and guards, free settlers, the governor and the officers, and the convicts. Further details of this assessment item are provided in Sequence 7.

Teacher background

Since this unit has not included the explicit teaching of the writing of an informative text, a Sample assessment text has been included for use if you would prefer the students to concentrate on other design elements (visual, audio, gestural and spatial). The students may enhance the sample text using noun groups/phrases, verb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases and adverbial phrases, as studied in Sequences 4, 5 and 6. Alternatively, you may decide to have the students write their own text. Information sourced throughout the unit so far may be used to inform the text. You may need to organise further research time in the library to enhance the information gathered. The co-operative learning Jigsaw technique might be used to facilitate this. ACHASSI074

Consider the use of images to enhance the text and copyright issues relating to the use of images. The students will need instruction on which images they can and can’t use and how these should be cited, or they may create their own visuals for this project.

The time frame for this activity will depend on the publishing choices that you give the students. You may leave this choice open, or narrow the choices. A variety of presentation/publishing ideas are presented, since access to and knowledge of technology will also be determining factors.

Resources for this task

Books and e-books:

For more interactive features:

Web 2.0 tools and other ideas to explore:

The informative text will be cohesive and reflect the students’ understanding of the design elements used, as studied in Sequences 2, 3 and 4. The item will provide an opportunity for them to experiment with language features on a range of levels, as studied in sequences 4, 5 and 6.

The students can engage with a wide variety of information and communication technologies to develop and create their texts. You will need to determine which information and communication technologies would be suitable, based on your school’s technology capabilities and the knowledge and capabilities of the students. Some presentation ideas are noted for consideration.

The assessment item is flexible, to meet the needs of a diverse classroom. There is a opportunity for the students to write their own text or enhance a pre-written text through the use of groups/phrases. You can evaluate both individual and group aspects of the item with the Assessment task 1 rubric.