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Night and day

Resources in sequences for this unit of work

  Resources Other references


Digital cameras

Permission notes for class sunset barbeque event

Using a word wall



Vincent van Gogh’s paintings The Starry Night and Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun

Photos of the Sun and the Moon

Our words: Sun worksheet

Our words: Moon worksheet

Our words: Sun and Moon worksheet

Callow, J (1999) Image Matters, PETAA, Sydney

Callow, J (2013) The Shape of Texts to Come, PETAA, Sydney


The Sun and Moon: True or false worksheet

Questions for class discussion

What we want to know about night and day worksheet

Primary Connections (Australian Academy of Science) ‘Spinning in Space’ unit

NASA’s StarChild learning centre

The Melbourne Planetarium

Nine Planets website

Holliday, M (2008) Strategies for Reading Success, PETAA, Sydney


The size of the Sun in comparison on the Did you Know? website

Shrink the Solar System calculator

Solar System Scale Model Calculator

Objects and measuring equipment for constructing models



Sample information reports on the Moon

Language features worksheet

Model response to the Language features worksheet

Annandale et al (2004) First Steps Reading Resource Book: Addressing current literary challenges, 2nd edn, Department of Education and Training Western Australia, Perth

Humphrey, S, Droga, L and Feez, S (2012) Grammar and Meaning, PETAA, Sydney


Paragraph Hamburger from the Reading Rockets website

Writing Informational Paragraphs on Mr Salsich’s section of the Edublog website

Assessment task 1

Assessment task 1 rubric

NASA’s StarChild learning centre


The Dare to Lead website

Information on Indigenous Australian spirituality on the Australian Museum website

The Australian Geographic article Aboriginal Astronomers: World’s oldest?

ABC Science’s Beginner’s Guide to the Night Sky article Australia’s First Astronomers

Australian Aboriginal Astronomy website

Yamaji Art’s Ilgarijiri art and astronomy collaborative project



How the Rabbit Got to the Moon podcast from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

How the Rabbit Got to the Moon from Able2Know

Rabbit on the Moon: A tale from India from Weingart Design

Character actions and qualities worksheet

Kids Web Japan website

The Japan section of the Lonely Planet website

The Japan: Curriculum resources page on the Asia Education Foundation website



The Magic Brocade: A tale of China told by Aaron Shepard

Tell Me a Story: The magic brocade (a Chinese folktale) from Recordonline

Readers’ theatre script for The Magic Brocade from Aaron Shepard

Story map worksheet



The folktale Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky

The folktale Why the Sky is Far Away



The folktale How Maui Tamed the Sun

Point of view chart worksheet

Sheets of A4 size paper and drawing materials for each student



Assessment task 2

Assessment task 2 rubric