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Assessment task 1 rubric: Information report on the Sun

Plan, draft and publish an information report on the Sun. The target audience for the report will be your classmates and you should target your writing to this audience. Reports can be presented in a variety of ways, including as an illustrated written text or as a PowerPoint presentation or other digital format. Use the rubric as a guide to how your report should be written. Use the class posters and reference charts to support your choices on how to structure your report.

Description On the way! Spot on! Wonderful!

Key organisational features

Information report has some key organisational features. Some key features have not been included or are inaccurate. Add criteria developed by class.

Information report includes all key organisational features. Key features are accurate. Add criteria developed by class.

Information report includes all key organisational features. Key features have been expanded and elaborated on. Add criteria developed by class.

Technical language

Uses simple language. No technical language used or technical language is used inaccurately.

Some technical language used and is used accurately.

Technical language used accurately and includes elaborations to enhance meaning.

Punctuation and paragraphing

Uses capital letters and full stops. No paragraphing.

Uses capital letters, full stops, commas and question marks correctly. Paragraphing evident but not always accurate.

Uses common punctuation marks accurately and writing is in paragraphs. Paragraphs use topic sentences.


Beginning to use present tense but some errors occur.

Typically uses timeless present tense with few or no errors.

Typically uses timeless present tense. Maintains tense throughout writing. Tense changes are appropriate.

Objective style

Uses personal opinion or observations.

Begins to use objective language.

Uses objective language effectively.

Use of adjectives

Few or no adjectives used in writing.

Uses adjectives appropriately.

Uses adjectives effectively to add meaning to writing.

Labelled diagrams

No diagrams or diagrams not labelled.

Diagrams included with some labelling.

Diagrams included with accurate and effective labelling.


Work presented to an acceptable standard.

Work presented to a good standard.

Work presented to a high standard.

Scientific content

Little or no scientific information included.

Scientific information is included but not all information is accurate or relevant.

Scientific information is accurate and relevant.