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Night and day

The primary focus of this unit of work is a literature study of Dreaming stories and folktales from a variety of cultures, related to the theme of night and day. The students will also explore the scientific concepts of night and day, to build scientific knowledge and understanding of the phenomena.

Sunset through clouds over a lake, with a clear sky blue above clouds and the lake shore in darkness

Above:  Sunset over Lake Illawarra, NSW, photo by Ozguy89, public domain image, no copyright

The students will engage in activities to develop their understandings in both the English and science curriculum areas as well as exploring the Cross-curriculum priorities of Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. They will participate in lessons designed to build:

The unit is designed to allow students to work in a range of collaborative ways, including in pairs, small groups and large groups. The assessment tasks enable them to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills at a variety of levels.