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Night and day

Assessment task 1: Writing an information report on the Sun

The students are to research and write an information report on the Sun. The reports are to be researched and written independently, and should demonstrate the students’ understanding of the science topic but will primarily be an assessment of their understanding of how to structure and write an effective information report.

Provide the students with the report topic and the Assessment task 1 rubric.

Determine with the students how the report is to be presented and allow them time to research and prepare the information report. Individual students may require additional support with researching information and may be given a scaffold to support their writing.

The English and Science Achievement Standards and Content Elaborations specifically addressed in this assessment item are listed below.

English Achievement Standard

Students understand how language features are used to link and sequence ideas. They understand how language can be used to express feelings and opinions on topics. Their texts include writing and images to express and develop in some detail experiences, events, information, ideas and characters.

Students create a range of texts for familiar and unfamiliar audiences. They contribute actively to class and group discussions, asking questions, providing useful feedback and making presentations. They demonstrate understanding of grammar and choose vocabulary and punctuation appropriate to the purpose and context of their writing. They use knowledge of sounds and high frequency words to spell words accurately, checking their work for meaning. They write using joined letters that are accurately formed and consistent in size

English Content Descriptions

Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features and selecting print and multimodal elements appropriate to the audience and purpose.


Science Achievement Standard

By the end of Year 3, students use their understanding of the movement of the Earth, materials and the behaviour of heat to suggest explanations for everyday observations They describe features common to living things. They describe how they can use science investigations to respond to questions and identify where people use science knowledge in their lives.

Students use their experiences to pose questions and predict the outcomes of investigations. They make formal measurements and follow procedures to collect and present observations in a way that helps to answer the investigation questions. Students suggest possible reasons for their findings. They describe how safety and fairness were considered in their investigations. They use diagrams and other representations to communicate their ideas.

Science Content Description

Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day.