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Detailed narrative analysis of Guji-Guji

Title Guji-Guji
Orientation (who, when, where)

Who: Mother Duck and her ducklings: Crayon, Zebra, Moonlight and Guji-Guji.

When: When Mother Duck hatches her eggs and looks after her ducklings.

Where: In the countryside, near a lake.

Complication (what was the problem?)

The problem: Three bad crocodiles want Guji-Guji to bring the ducks to them so they can eat them.

Resolution (how was the problem solved?)

How the problem was solved: Guji-Guji tricked the crocodiles by dropping rocks into their mouths and the crocodiles ran away.

Conclusion (how did the story end?)

How the story ends: The ducks are all happy with Guji-Guji and he stays with his duck family.