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Overview — Investigating eggs in stories and science

PPhoto, looking down, of four pale blue eggs in a deep, grey-coloured nest of swirled leaves and twigs, suspended amid green leaves

Above: Indigo bunting nest with eggs, photo by Richard Bonnett CC-BY-2.0

This unit develops the theme of eggs through both English and science. The students will observe chickens hatching and explore the life cycles of various egg-laying creatures.

The students will use everyday language and topic-specific vocabulary to discuss their observations and understandings of life cycles and create texts that include their explanations of the life cycle and reports on egg-laying creatures, based on what they have observed and learned. They will participate in group and class discussions and make presentations of their findings. They will create texts that show how images support the meaning of the text. They will also compare texts on similar themes, both imaginative and informative, identifying similarities and differences in text structure and language features. They will listen to and read texts that are a composite of narrative and information report genres and identify the text structure and language features that distinguish each.