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Investigating eggs in stories and science

Assessment task 2: Write a character profile of a character from Guji-Guji

Students write a character profile of one of the characters from the picture book Guji-Guji building on the Character profile worksheet also used in Sequence 8.

This task comes after the students have spent five sequences reading and analysing Guji-Guji, the last three of which specifically teach elements of visual literacy and introduce a very simple language of appraisal. They will have had several opportunities to consolidate their understanding of expanding noun groups (in Sequences 6 and 10).

Jointly develop a rubric about what you expect to be in a character analysis. A rubric is a tool for assessing criteria at varying levels of achievement for a specific task. Rubrics allow students to become aware of the learning outcomes of a task and specific assessment criteria for the task. They also allow students to edit their own work more effectively and takes the guesswork out of how successful they were (or were not) in achieving the task.

A rubric for constructing a character profile could look like one of the samples below, but it is a valuable activity to jointly construct the rubric with your students. You may need to construct two or three rubrics according to the capabilities of the students in your class. You may wish to add three check boxes instead of the yes/no boxes in the sample rubrics (for example, working towards, satisfactory, excellent or the accepted format that applies to your school).

Assessment rubric for students: Sample 1

In my character profile I ... Yes No

wrote a title, naming my character



described what my character looked like



wrote what my character did



wrote my opinion of the character



used some expanded noun groups



Assessment rubric for students: Sample 2

In my character profile I ... Yes No

wrote a title



drew what my character looked like



drew something my character did



wrote my opinion of the character



You can print out the Assessment task 2 worksheet, which is the note-taking part of the assessment task, and hand it out to each student to fill in.