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Protest: The world as it is, the world as it could be

Resources in sequences for this unit of work

  Resources Other references


William Blake’s ‘Infant Joy’ and ‘Infant Sorrow’

the diary of Malala Yousafza: ‘Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl’ 

Pawel Kuzcynski’s satiric artwork Peace 

Victoria Tedeschi’s memoir ‘Plankton

Nancie Atwell (1998) In the Middle: New understandings about writing, reading and learning, Boynton/Cook Publishers, Inc., Portsmouth, New Hampshire

William Blake, Songs of Innocence and Experience 


Percy Bysshe Shelley, A Defence of Poetry and Other Essays, The Harvard Classics

Bruce Dawe (1978) ‘On the Death of Ronald Ryan’ in Sometimes Gladness: Collected poems 1954–1978, Longman Cheshire, Melbourne

The State Library of Victoria’s information on Ronald Ryan

The video Last Man Hanged at the Australian Screen website (1:24 mins)

Peter Lewis and Jackie Woods (2012) ‘Better a nanny state than the alternative’ article on The Drum section of the ABC website

Dr Emmeline Taylor, ‘Big Brother is Coming to a School Near You’, article on the St James Ethics Centre website

Ben Groundwater (2011) ‘Australia: The great nanny state’ article on the Traveller section of The Age website

‘Mr Walker’ (2006) Someone to Watch Over Me (Redux) image on the Flickr website

panoptICONS Utrecht 2010 video clip on YouTube (2:47 mins)


Kurt Vonnegut, ‘Harrison Bergeron’, in Welcome to the Monkey House

Frayer Model information

Frayer model worksheet



Gurindji strike and the Wave Hill walk-off film clip from This Day Tonight, 27 August 1968, in the ABC archives (6:58 mins)

From Little Things Big Things Grow’ by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody, performed by Kev Carmody, John Butler and Paul Kelly, YouTube (6:46 mins)

Paul Keating’s Redfern address film clip, 10 December 1992, in the ABC archives (5:11 mins)

the trailer and information about the issues portrayed in the film Our Generation (2010)

Juno Gemes’ photos of the Uluru Handback ceremony in 1985 (scroll down a few centimetres to this set of photos in a video clip on her home page), and her images and essay on Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008

Paul Black, Christine Harrison, Clare Lee, Bethan Marshall and Dylan William (eds) (2003) Assessment for Learning: Putting it into practice, Open University Press, Maidenhead, UK


the advertisement ‘I Bought a Jeep’, YouTube (0:30 min)

advertisement for Christian Dior Homme Sport perfume for men, YouTube (0:16 min)

the story of Icarus

Bruegel’s painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

the poem ‘Mrs Icarus’  by Carol Ann Duffy (2001) in The World’s Wife, Faber and Faber, London

Experimental inquiry worksheet

Instructions for creating a poster



the Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs website section on Australia’s war 1939–1945

the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum website

the photo ‘Lebanon protests car bombing’ by Mahmoud Zayyat (20 October 2012) on the ABC news website

Images of War and Peace on the A Peace of Art website

the gallery of photos of Men of War on the Time magazine website

Photo essay: One Year On in Cairo’ by David Hollier (30 January 2012) on the NewMatilda website

the photo essay ‘Battleland Diary, April 7–15’ on the Time magazine website


Susan Puissant (2009) Irony and the Poetry of the First World War, Palgrave Macmillan, London, page 150

the Australian Poetry Library website

the poem ‘Lamplight’ by May Wedderburn Cannan on the PoemHunter.com website

the poem ‘The Dancers’ by Edith Sitwell on the PoemHunter.com website

the poem ‘Smile, Smile, Smile’ by Wilfred Owen on the Classic Literature website

the poem ‘The Yellow Palm’ by Robert Minhinnick on The Poetry Archive website

the poem ‘The Veteran’ by Margaret Postgate on the Bartleby.com website

the poem ‘The Hero’ by Siegfried Sassoon on the AllPoetry website

Siegfried Sassoon’s protest ‘A Soldier’s Declaration’ on the University of Oxford’s First World War Poetry Digital Archive website

Peter Fischl reading his poem, ‘To the Little Polish Boy Standing with His Arms Up’ on YouTube (3:16 mins)

the Poetry Archive website

the Academy of American Poets’ Poets.org.website


the photo ‘Stroop Report – Warsaw Ghetto Uprising’ at Wikimedia Commons

Peter Fischl reading his poem ‘To the Little Polish Boy Standing with His Arms Up’ on YouTube (3:16 mins)

Holocaust Teacher Resource Center website

information on lunes on the Poets.org website (scroll down the page to find this)

Comparison and contrast chart worksheet

Composing lunes worksheet

Jim Milner (2008) Bridging English, 4th Edition, Pearson Education, New Jersey

Kath Lathouras (2012) ‘A Poetry Quickie: Using biographical texts with Stage 4 to compose poetry’ , mETAphor, Issue 1


Amnesty International Australia website

Mapping Worlds website

Question scaffold worksheet



Kevin Rudd’s Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples at the Australian Government website

the full transcript of Kevin Rudd’s speech on the Sydney Morning Herald website

Deciding on a topic for a digital research text

Assessment task rubric

Brief list of genres from the Colorado State University website

Tom Romano (1995) Writing with Passion: Life stories, multiple genres, Heinemann 

Tom Romano (2000) Blending Genre, Altering Style: Writing multigenre papers, Heinemann 

Robert Marzano (2006) Classroom Assessment and Grading that Work, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, Alexandria, Virginia


George Orwell (2008) Animal Farm, Penguin, UK

Margaret Atwood (2003) ‘Orwell and Me’, The Guradian, London, 16 June

the Tropfest film Between the Flags, YouTube (7:04 mins)

video excerpts and program transcript of ABC TV’s Four Corners episode ‘Riot and Revenge

Angela Carter (2005) Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales, Virago Press, London

A character wheel graphic organiser, of which there are many examples on the internet


Wikipedia entry on Pine Point

Richard Coulter’s Pine Point Revisited website

digital story Welcome to Pine Point

Sydney Lewis, ed (2012) ‘The Goggles’ at the Transom.org website



ABC TV Q&A section of the website

Storify website

Banksy photo of Paris Hilton: ‘90% of Success is Just Showing Up



the photos in ‘Revolution in Egypt: 18 days that shook the world’ on the Time magazine website

Colleen Ricci (2011) ‘Egypt Erupts’, The Age, February 21