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6 — Are we there yet?

A stretch of straight highway under a blue sky leading to the horizon, with flat plains each side

Above: Welcome to South Australia, the Stuart Highway, photo by Richard Riley CC-BY-2.0

This is the sixth sequence in a learning unit that familiarises students with how to compose a sentence. Students will be engaging with an illustration from Alison Lester’s Are We There Yet? and using this to assist them to construct a sentence. They will be asked:

You will need to be familiar with the text and have identified illustrations that students could use as stimulus for constructing sentences. The illustrations need to contain information that will support the three questions listed above. Copy several different illustrations, ensuring there are sufficient copies so all students will have access to an illustration.

Activity 1: Describing different landscapes

Read Are We There Yet? with the students in a modelled reading session, making the links between the verbal text and the illustrations explicit. Invite them to respond personally to the text by commenting on the places visited, family holidays they have experienced, and so on. After reading the book, direct their attention to the landscapes that are displayed in the room. Ask them:

Record their responses and place them beside the relevant landscape images. Encourage the students to read their suggestions to the class.  ACELY1656,  ACELA1451 

Activity 2: Completing Assessment task 1

This assessment task is designed to be conducted after Sequences 1–5 have been completed. Students have been exposed to a variety of different landscapes and the language that we use to describe them. The assessment task is designed to assess the students’ understanding of the three elements they are using to construct a sentence or phrase.

Show the students the illustrations that you selected from the text. Explain that they will be using these illustrations to answer the three questions that they are familiar with:

Show the students the Assessment task 1 worksheet. Demonstrate how to fill it in and explain that this is an individual activity and students should not work with a partner. Give each student an illustration and a worksheet. Allow about 10–15 minutes for them to complete their worksheets. Assessment task 1 provides curriculum links and an assessment rubric to assess the students’ responses.  ACELT1586,  ACELY1656,  ACELA1451


Bring the students back together and share some of their responses to the illustrations.