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How to make a diorama


Step 1: Fold

Diagram 1 showing cut and fold instructions, to cut a square from an A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half diagonally (right to left)

Step 2: Fold again

Diagram 2 showing a second fold, to fold the triangular paper in half from the apex

Step 3: Cut on the dotted line

Diagram 3 showing the paper unfolded to a square and a line to cut along a fold line from one corner to the centre of the square, with the sections each side of the cut labelled A and B

Step 4: Overlap A over B and glue

Diagram 4 showing the paper once cut, with sections A and B overlapped to be glued, so to make the stand for the diorama

Example odf a diorama depciting a bush scene

Above: Landscape diorama example