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Reading the landscape

A partly shaded walking track through coastal bushland on Fraser Island.

Above: Fraser Island Great Walk by Fasoffel, public domain image, no copyright

About this unit:

This unit of inquiry will allow students to develop their understanding of the key elements of a sentence by investigating the geographical world around them, with a particular focus on using visual images. The unit will also give them opportunities to increase their geographical awareness by observing and studying a range of information and narrative texts. More

Duration and sequence pathways:

This is a unit comprising 12 learning sequences designed to be taught as a sequential series. Each of the sequences is designed to be delivered in a 45–60 minute session. More information

Resources used:

See a list of resources used in each sequence, plus additional teaching resources.

Unit writer:

Anita Holding

Australian Curriculum: English Year 1

Sequence 1: What landscape is that?

Sequence 2: Describing landscapes

Sequence 3: Patterns of Australia

Sequence 4: Landscape walk

Sequence 5: Mapping our walk 

Sequence 6: Are we there yet?

Sequence 7: What is it like there?

Sequence 8: What do the stories say?

Sequence 9: Where in the world?

Sequence 10: The story so far

Sequence 11: What don’t they tell us?

Sequence 12: Landscape diorama

Australian Curriculum: English Year 1

How cross-curriculum priorities relate to this unit

This unit of inquiry is not based around any of the cross-curriculum priorities but they are evident in learning sequences.

The priority of Sustainability is evident in Sequences 410, 11 and 12. In these sequences students will look at the environment and the way in which we treat it, during excursions and through engagement with texts that have a sustainability message.

The priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders histories and cultures is evident in Sequences 3 and 5. In these sequences students engage with texts that have connections to these cultures.

Australian Curriculum: English Year 1

How General Capabilities relate to this unit

This unit of inquiry draws heavily upon the Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking and Information and Communication Technology areas of the General Capabilities.

Literacy is evident in Sequences 13, 891011 and 12 where students are required to engage with a variety of texts to assist with the building of background knowledge and also to help develop their vocabulary.

In Sequences 135, 61011 and 12, students are required to apply Critical and Creative Thinking to help them with developing an understanding of how the information they are learning relates to their direct environment.

In Sequences 27 and 12, students will engage with Information and Communication Technology to further assist their understandings of mapping and information production.

Some of the texts used in this inquiry will provide an opportunity to engage with the capability of Intercultural Understanding. These will be introduced in Sequences 37 and 9.

Curriculum summary for this unit:

See the summary tables for links to Year 1 content descriptions across the three strands of Literature, Literacy and Language and sub-strands with links to relevant elaborations, sequences and activities, with links also to the Australian Curriculum: Geography.

Rich assessment tasks:

There are two key summative assessment tasks for this unit. In Assessment task 1 students use a worksheet to demonstrate their understanding of the three elements they have been using to construct a sentence or phrase. In Assessment task 2 they construct two dioramas to show some of the differences between the two landscapes depicted in Jeannie Baker’s book Mirror.