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Copyright and acknowledgments

Copyright © 2013 Education Services Australia Ltd

Copyright of the material that comprises the website and units of work for the resource English for the Australian Curriculum (the material) is reserved to the Australian Government through Education Services Australia Ltd (ESA). Unless otherwise specified, reproduction or transmittal in whole, or in part, of material is allowed under conditions of a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 Australia licence CC BY-NC 3.0 AU. See Terms of use.

Acknowledgments – Year 1 unit

Although this publication is copyright ESA, it contains material from other sources which is not owned by ESA. The image on the unit home page depicts a part of the Fraser Island Great Walk, track between Lake Boomanjin and Lake Benaroon; the photo by Fasoffel is a public domain image (no copyright). In Sequence 1 the photo titled ‘Red earth desert’ is by Wayne England, CC-BY-2.0. Also in Sequence 1, the image used on the Placemat activity worksheet is of the view of Little Beach with the granite headland massif in the background at the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve in Albany, Western Australia, taken Darren Hughes and released into the public domain (no copyright). In Sequence 2 the image captioned a view of Earth (showing most of North America) from space is a NASA image and is copyright free. In Sequence 3 the cover of Patterns of Australia by Bronwyn Bancroft, Little Hare Books, Prahran, 2006 reproduced with permission of Hardie Grant; © Little Hare Books (an imprint of Hardie Grant Egmont) 2006. In Sequence 6 the photo via flickr Welcome to South Australia, of the Stuart Highway, is by Richard Riley CC-BY-2.0. In Sequence 9 the front and back covers of Mirror by Jeannie Baker, Walker Books, 2010 reproduced with permission of Walker Books, © Jeannie Baker 2010. In Sequence 10 the photo of Morrocan childen, titled Enfants du Maroc by Wikidove is a public domain image via Wikimedia Commons (no copyright). In Sequence 11 the photo of a village in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco is by Webrunner CC-BY-1.0. Source for content descriptions in curriculum summary tables for units of work: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).