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Assessment task 2: Curriculum links and rubric

This assessment task is designed to be conducted during Sequence 12. In completing the task students will draw on the knowledge they have built up over the past 11 learning sequences. This assessment task requires students to construct two dioramas showing the differences between the two landscapes depicted in Mirror and to write a sentence highlighting the similarities and differences in their dioramas.

Allow students to present their dioramas and have them read the sentences they wrote. Use the Assessment rubric below to assess the students’ diorama and sentence.


Curriculum links

Productive modes (speaking, writing and creating).

Students understand how characters in texts are developed and give reasons for personal preferences. They create texts that show understanding of the connection between writing, speech and images.

They create short texts for a small range of purposes. They interact in pair, group and class discussions, taking turns when responding. They make short presentations of a few connected sentences on familiar and learned topics. When writing, students provide details about ideas or events. They accurately spell words with regular spelling patterns and use capital letters and full stops. They correctly form all upper and lower case letters.

Assessment rubric 

Evidence of understanding Not achieved Working towards achievement Achieving independently
Identifies keywords ACELY1660 No keywords identified One keyword identified Identifies more than one keyword
Can write a simple sentence that identifies what is happening, who or what is involved and the surrounding circumstances ACELA1451ACELA1452 No elements One element Writes two or three elements
Spells high frequency words correctly using known letter patterns ACELA1458  Few high frequency words spelt correctly Spells many high frequency words correctly – some blends and digraphs evident Spells most high frequency words correctly with evidence of blends and digraphs
Recreates texts imaginatively using drawing, writing, performance and digital forms of communication ACELT1586 Does not create a diorama Creates a diorama but not representative of text Creates a diorama that accurately represents the text