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Assessment task 1: Curriculum links and rubric

This assessment task is designed to be conducted during Sequence 6, after Sequences 1–5 have been completed. The students need to complete the Assessment task 1 worksheet in order to complete the task.

Curriculum links

Receptive modes (listening, reading and viewing).

By the end of Year 1, students understand the different purposes of texts. They make connections to personal experience when explaining characters and main events in short texts. They identify the language features, images and vocabulary used to describe characters and events.

With developing fluency and intonation, students read aloud short texts with some unfamiliar vocabulary, simple and compound sentences, and supportive images. When reading, they use knowledge of sounds and letters, high frequency words, sentence boundary punctuation and directionality to make meaning. They recall key ideas and recognise literal and implied meaning in texts. They listen to others when taking part in conversations and use appropriate language features. They listen for and reproduce letter patterns and letter clusters.

Assessment rubric

Evidence of understanding Not achieved Working towards achievement Achieving independently
Identifies who or what is involved Cannot identify Identifies thing not in illustration Correctly identifies who or what is involved
Identifies what is happening Cannot identify Identifies action not in illustration Correctly identifies what is happening
Identifies additional information that locates the actions in time, place or manner Cannot identify Identifies circumstance not in illustration Correctly names circumstance
Creates a sentence Does not create a sentence Creates a sentence but not in a logical order Creates a sentences that makes sense