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Resources for English and literacy education

Supporting resources


  1. Teaching the Australian Curriculum: English
  2. Repositories and searchable databases
  3. Educational platforms and video
  4. Digital tools and open content
  5. Pedagogy and assessment
  6. Individual resource lists within E4AC units of work
  7. Downloads (AC App | E4AC Posters | E4AC HTML units)
  8. Australian Curriculum: English Glossary

Teaching the Australian Curriculum: English

Teaching AC English is a video-based resource to support teachers and school leaders implementing the Australian Curriculum: English from Foundation to Year 10. Video snapshots illustrate ideas, approaches and strategies for teaching, learning and assessment, and demonstrate approaches to differentiation and aspects of explicit teaching, with a focus on reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Global Words is a topic-based resource with twelve units of work produced by World Vision Australia and the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA) to integrate the teaching and learning of English, Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography) and global citizenship education. The topics of Refugees and migration, Indigenous peoples, Neighbours, Asia/Pacific, and Sustainability address cross-curriculum priorities in the Australian Curriculum, for Junior Primary, Upper Primary and Junior Secondary.

Repositories and searchable databases

  • AustLit (National)
  • AACLAP: The Asian-Australian Children’s Literature and Publishing project (AustLit, National)
  • Asia in Education Foundation (National)
  • ARIES: The Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability  (National)
  • Trove: National Library of Australia (National)

Educational platforms and video

Digital tools and open content

  • Voicethread: Conversations in the cloud: a collaborative, multimedia slide show that allows teachers, students and parents to collaborate online
  • Cool Tools for Schools: a list of Web 2.0 tools that students can use to present their ideas; includes links to presentation tools, image tools, drawing tools and writing tools
  • CC Search: provides tools to find content that can be shared, used and remixed across a range of digital platforms

Pedagogy and assessment

Individual resource lists within units of work

Go directly to resource lists for each unit of work.

Early years resourcesPrimary resources 


Australian Curriculum: App

Download the Australian Curriculum – mobile edition for iPad or iPhone.

English for the Australian Curriculum posters

Posters for display in classrooms, staff rooms, libraries and at events.

Poster PDF filesPoster JPG files (higher resolution)
A4 size (1.6 MB)A4 front (696 kB)A4 back (840 kB)
A3 size (1 MB)A3 front (1.1 MB)A3 back (1.3 MB)

English for the Australian Curriculum units of work

You can download the units of work as HTML files in folders accessed by the index.html. The resources are Creative Commons licensed, and the units of work have been designed so that you can re-use the HTML files, editing downloaded units using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver to adapt or create your own resources (while taking note of those items used within resources that are not owned by ESA and cannot be re-used; see Copyright and acknowledgments).

If you download HTML units for local network use, please be aware that the content on this site will from time to time be updated, and you will need to update your local copy. Note the date of the current version when you download units.

Early years units downloads
Foundation (.zip 6.03 MB)
13 January 2016
Y1 (.zip 2.7 MB)
13 January 2016
Y2 (.zip 6 MB)
17 January 2017
Primary units downloads
Y3 (.zip 2.41 MB)
17 January 2017
Y4 (.zip 3 MB)
17 January 2017
Y5 (.zip 1.38 MB)
17 January 2017
Y6 (.zip 2.91 MB)
17 January 2017
Y7p (.zip 23 MB)
17 January 2017

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