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Copyright and acknowledgments

Copyright © 2020 Education Services Australia Limited

Copyright of the material that comprises the website and units of work for the resource English for the Australian Curriculum (the material) is reserved to the Australian Government through Education Services Australia Limited (ESA). Unless otherwise specified, reproduction or transmittal in whole, or in part, of material is allowed under conditions of a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 Australia licence CC BY-NC 3.0 AU. See Terms of use.

Acknowledgments: Third party material

Although this publication is copyright ESA, it contains material from other sources which is not owned by ESA. The website home page image for Early Years is titled Indigo Bunting Nest with eggs, by Richard Bonnet CC-BY-2.0. The website home page feature image for Primary titled Sunset over Lake Illawarra, NSW, by Ozguy89, is a public domain image, no copyright. The website home page feature and unit image for Secondary (linked to the unit on AATE Digital) portrays the unit author and grandchild and is published with permission of the Keris family. The unit feature image for the Year 10 unit (linked to the unit on AATE Digital) is titled Bombed Women and Search Lights is by Clive Beanson, republished with permission.

Acknowledgments and details are provided in situ on relevant pages for each instance of third party content, and listed on the following separate acknowledgments pages for each year-level unit of work:

Early yearsPrimary 

Project team

Project Steering Group: Guy Bayley-Jones (AATE), Robyn Ewing (ALEA), Stephen Wilson (PETAA)
Project manager and digital producer: Linden Hyatt
Project leader Primary and Early years: Penny Hutton
Project leader Secondary: Philip Page

Writers of units of work:

Unit of workWriter
FoundationPatternsJennifer Asha
Year 1Reading the landscapeAnita Holding
Year 2Investigating eggs in stories and scienceJan Finlayson
Year 3Night and dayDanielle Cavanagh
Year 41788: Was life the same for everyone?Amanda Worlley
Year 5 Save one island, save them allKelly Booker and Jantiena Batt
Year 6Talk about rightsHelen Cassidy
Year 7PImagining ancient RomeSophie Honeybourne
Year 7SSecondary: Consumer culture: Are we being bought?Erika Boas
Year 8Waste not want not: How are our lifestyles shaping and changing the planet?Erika Boas
Year 9Seven billion people, seven billion stories: What makes a compelling life story?Rosie Kerin
Year 10Protest: The world as it is, the world as it could beAnn Small

Content, curriculum, grammar and pedagogy reviews, Primary: Wendy Bean, Beverly Derewianka, Marcelle Holliday, Lisa van Leent and Lorraine McDonald

Content, curriculum, grammar and pedagogy reviews, Secondary: Catherine Beavis, Beverly Derewianka, Susanne Gannon and Jo-Anne Reid

Web development, web and interactive materials design: Paul Lavings (creative director) and Henry Hugman (web developer), Studio Blue

Project editor: Fiona Sim

Project illustrator: Jan Gillbank, roofDog graphics

Office administration, finance: Wendy Rush (English House: ALEA, AATE)

Office support: Sasha Jurac (PETAA offices)

Education Services Australia:  SACOL project management, copyright and licensing administration, editorial review of Beta versions of units of work, and technical quality and accessibility reviews and advice were provided by the staff of Education Services Australia Limited.

                                               This publication is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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